Sunday, June 2, 2013

stop judging others

yeah stop judging others if you don't even know them/she/he. you don't even know them and their stop judging them based on what you heard.misunderstanding always occur whenever you judging someone that you really don't me,others think i was arrogant but they don't even know me yet and suddenly said it like that. its kind of weird actually,people judge you based on your appearance before know you.its pretty lame for come on people, be positive,be friends with whoever you want,ignore what others said about you and for sure stop judging. we just a human,everyone is not perfect expect our god. i'm also not the perfect on but i don't like to judge others before i know them. judging the others make other people feel worst. so stop judging others,judging yourself first before said about others people.and of course not judging the other based on appearance. come on people,be positive and open minded.let make a change in our self.

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